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​Traditional Masked Dance

​On Friday the 31st of August we were joined by Duaringa State School and Makukuhan a musical group who performed for our schools. It is made up of 3 men who share their Indonesian culture playing instruments and performing traditional dance.

One of the performers dressed up in a mask and performed a dance telling the story of a mystical bird who dies from saving the planet from pollution. They had a variety of Indonesian percussion and wind instruments.

The drums were very different from what  we use in our school band. The performer  sat cross legged and had straps attached to the base of the drum, which he slipped his foot into and this changed the sound  depending on how much pressure his foot was putting on the drum.

Another type of instrument was an Indonesian type clarinet that had a mouth piece with a very small reed that when taken out, the instrument would still make a sound. There was also an upright instrument that he used a bow like a violin to play it, it was  colourful. The last instrument was an Indonesian type of gong where there were 12  different types of glockenspiel which had low and high sounds.

They all played together and the music sounded amazing and the stories they told were great. We did lots of clapping and learnt about interlocking and unison sounds which we made with our two groups. Overall it was an awesome way to learn about a different culture and their traditional music.

 Written by Jack (Yr 6) and Angus (Yr 5)